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We at apologise for the delays in launching our website. The events of the past eighteen months have affected all of us. will be online in the next few months. The boutique owners will have plenty of time to build their stores before the launch.

There are many great marketplaces where people can sell their creations and collectibles; by adding to a portfolio for only $10.00 a month can increase selling power.

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Hari Antiques

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HARI is a Veteran and family owned

Welcome to a new marketplace, where sellers of Art, Antiques, Crafts and Collectibles can create their own Boutiques.

The internet has many great Marketplaces that offer fabulous stores.

For only $10.00 per month sellers can add to their portfolio.

Hari is set to launch in the next few months

The cost of building a boutique at is only $10.00 per month . No listing fees. No commission. $10.00 a month that’s it!

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A crafter

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Build your own boutique at, soon to launch in early 2021. Only $10.00 a month

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The wonderful crafters that are joining are diversified.

We have everyone from leather crafters to pottery and handmade doll makers. Wreath makers and handmade jewellery.

All will be building Boutiques at